What some current and past clients have to say:

Randy MacEwen, President and CEO
Randy MacEwen, President and CEO Ballard Power
“With Katie’s support, we have been able to clarify and achieve executive team alignment around our vision, culture, strategy and China plan. We have been able to advance the company to record performance, including closing major strategic initiatives that required executive buy-in. We have also been able to excite the entire Ballard organization with a clear vision, strategy and unified executive team.

For me personally, the journey with Katie has been powerful. Katie has helped me to question everything – my assumptions, my purpose, my relationships and my business. She has helped me to get very clear on the key underlying issues that I am trying to progress or resolve. She has helped me to understand what is getting in the way of success and being accountable to make the necessary changes.”

Beth Hamilton-Keen, CFA
Beth Hamilton-Keen, CFA Mawer Investment Management Ltd.
“We expanded the engagement to include quarterly strategic planning sessions with my team which supported a transformation of our team, and culture as a team within the firm, and even my relationship with my management committee.”
T. Marshall Sadd
T. Marshall Sadd Chairman, Lloyd Sadd Insurance; Partner, Navacord
“Thanks Katie. Your call was timely for me today – I was feeling extremely stressed and felt I needed to work. Talking to you gave me clarity and a clear sense of priorities. I now feel better.


Jim Allen, CEO
Jim Allen, CEO Jatec, Edmonton Alberta
“Katie has been a fantastic addition to myself and our company. I have got to know myself better in the past two years with Katie’s support. I would recommend Katie for personal and corporate growth.”
Sue Matheson  Forum Chair
Sue Matheson Forum Chair MacKay CEO Forums
“Katie – thanks for an amazing presentation today to my CEO Forum. You brought passion and depth to the topic and engaged the entire room in the conversation. I look forward to more interactions like this in the future!”
Diana Walls, Senior Director, Strategic Policy
Diana Walls, Senior Director, Strategic Policy AME | Association for Mineral Exploration
“I wanted to express our collective appreciation for your stewardship of our conversation. You kept us focused, on track and on time – all of which allowed us to get further than I anticipated. The outcome was clear, and provides the solid foundation from which we will build out our committee’s strategic plan”
Paul Osenar, Ph.D., President
Paul Osenar, Ph.D., President Protonex (A Ballard Power owned company)
“Katie helps us make a concrete plan to increase the functionality of our management team.”
Heidi Nucklaus, Coach and Director of Production
Heidi Nucklaus, Coach and Director of Production Wasserman Advertising
“I highly recommend Katie. Her energy, enthusiasm and humour coupled with a direct, genuine approach makes the coaching experience terrific. Not only has Katie helped me uncover my values and develop realistic goals she holds me accountable and encourages me to take risks. Through her coaching I have gained insight into what matters to me and am able to move forward in reaching my goals.”
Phil Edgell, Former Executive VP
Phil Edgell, Former Executive VP LONG VIEW SYSTEMS
“Katie Bennett has been working with our management team since August 2010, through both one-on-one coaching with our leaders, as well as facilitating team workshops. With Katie as part of our team we increased the level of trust between team members translating directly into a more open and direct work environment, increasing both accountability and effectiveness and showing tangible measurable results. There is a greater sense of team stability, which is translating into fewer crisis; the leaders are better equipped to manage through problems to resolution. Because we have now worked together for an extended period of time, she knows us, our people, our challenges and our business, so she has the insight to propose solutions and for individual and improvement team. The link between coaching of our management team and our growth of both top line and bottom line is direct and measurable.”
- James Askew, President
- James Askew, President Rare Earth Project Marketing

I have worked with Katie Bennett for the past 10 years. Over this period of time, I have created a life that blends both business successes with life balance.

The last 10 years has seen me move from a typical “corporate” life where I worked and traveled more than I wanted to and didn’t have enough time for the other things that were important to me, to setting up my own business that is not only hugely successful, but allows me to put the time and energy I have always wanted to into my home and family life.

From a business stand-point, coaching has provided the forum to help me establish a clear vision for my business, the values, the culture I want to create, and consistently stay on track with it. I have also included coaching as a regular part of…

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Dave Richardson, BC MITS Practice Lead
Dave Richardson, BC MITS Practice Lead LONG VIEW SYSTEMS
“Katie Bennett has helped me become a better leader by using effective coaching to empower myself and those around me. Simple tasks such as accountability presented with the right coaching techniques, taught by Katie, have helped lead to this empowerment. Each of Katie’s sessions progress further and deeper into what it means to be a great coach and leader.”
Joni Wickline, V.P. Professional Services
Joni Wickline, V.P. Professional Services THE KEN BLANCHARD COMPANIES
“Katie Bennett has worked as an Associate Coach with the Ken Blanchard Companies since 2007. Over the past 3 years, Katie has been working with one of our large multi-national clients that recently went through a massive merger, and the response to her coaching has been excellent, at all levels of the organization. One of our measures of success as a company was if the client asks to extend the coaching – and the majority of Katie’s clients ask for an extension, a testament to the quality of the coaching being delivered.”
Sandra Barton, Senior Wealth Advisor
Sandra Barton, Senior Wealth Advisor THE RICHARDSON BARTON GROUP
“I woke up on my 48th birthday with the absolute certainty that I did not want to wake up on my 49th birthday feeling like I had been feeling. This is what prompted me to reach out to Katie Bennett. My stress levels were very high. I felt like my life was out of my control which led to feelings of depression and anxiety. With Katie’s guidance over the past few months I now feel like I am living life “fully engaged”. My mind and my heart have been opened. I feel far more optimistic about life and the future than I have in many many months, perhaps even years. When you work with Katie you will learn about perspective and how your perspective colors every nuance of your life. A change in perspective can bring with it a whole new beginning. It has for me. I know that all will not be a bed of roses going forward. I also know that I have Katie always available to provide guidance whenever I need it. I would highly recommend Katie Bennett for anyone who feels they are at a crossroad in life but aren’t sure how to get to the other side.”
Ed McLaughlin, CEO
“I was referred to Katie Bennett by a friend and business leader. He told me that Katie was a great resource, counsel and sounding board. I report to a Board of Director’s and I was looking for a neutral voice that I could share ideas and strategies with. Katie Bennett was exactly that.

After working with Katie and achieving great results, I wanted my whole team to work with her. Katie delivered. Under Katie’s leadership we realized a stronger sense of “TEAM” and realized our ability and strength working together. I am firm believer in a balanced personal program. When my managers are under control at home, they are at their best at work. Katie worked with our team to set a high bar for both personal and work achievement and I would say unequivocally that we have done our best work under Katie.

Katie is a winner. Totally open. A trusted friend. But no push over. Katie will hold you accountable when you need it most.”

Mary-Jo Dionne
“My coaching success story is about the relationship I shared with coach, Katie Bennett. I am an advertising copywriter by trade. However, like many creative people, I have been known to struggle through “blocks” and the debilitating frustration that comes with them. On two occasions in particular, the sessions Katie facilitated with me, did not only help me break through those blocks, but actually went so far as to push my life to a whole new level. Tangibly, what I got from working with Katie were two things…”

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Other Testimonials

“Working with Katie has been a great experience. I really appreciate her insight and expertise as it has helped me to excel both personally and professionally. Thank you Katie.”

– Jeff Smyth, Branch Manager, RBCDS

“I worked with Katie to plot a way forward with my career and instead embarked on a wonderful journey to align my professional life with my values and my abilities. Her insight and understanding; her non-judgemental approach; her balance of support and challenge, and her utter belief that I could achieve what I wanted, has set me firmly a path which I know will be fulfilling, enlightening, challenging and fun. Her great sense of humour made the journey a fun one and I would have no hesitation in recommending Katie to anyone who wants an insightful ally to help work through important decisions.”

– Siobhan Airey, Consultant

“Katie’s guidance, energy and enthusiasm gave me the courage to start my own architectural firm. She helped me to achieve this dream while addressing important personal life goals at the same time. Coaching with Katie has been an inspirational and intensely rewarding experience.”

– Liana Sipelis, Architect 

“Katie is professional and inspirational. She challenges you to push the envelope of what you can achieve while emotionally connecting with your struggles. There is no other person I would want in my corner.”
 – Penelope Comette, Comette Consulting

“The most effective way to impact leadership development is through coaching. That said, it takes an extraordinary coach to inspire, challenge and hold leaders accountable to being their very best. Katie Bennett is one of those coaches. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Katie over the last couple of years and would highly recommend her. She truly emodies her tag line “Dare to be Great”!”

– Terry Vanquickenborne,
Former HR Director for Intrawest Placemaking,
Current Manager of Talent, Teekay Shipping

“Katie clearly has the ability to bring out the best in her clients through challenging questions and inspiring dialogue. Her focus on values and goals cause one to carefully consider life’s priorities in the full spectrum of personal, family and work situations.”

– Russ Freisen, Intrawest Placemaking

“We brought coaching into our organization in the fall of 2002 to reward and invest in some of our top people. A group of 13 people including myself worked with a coach for a period of three months. The results were impressive. The individuals involved reported new learning and skills in the area of managing, leading, motivating, communication, taking iniative, and delegating, as well as feeling a greater sense of self-awareness and confidence. And at the level of the entire organization, the coaching revealed several critical issues in the company that were under the surface. In the bigger picture, we now have a plan to address communication barriers between management and staff, to create and reinforce a Corporate Vision that everyone in the company can be passionate about and enhance our performance on all levels. I can honestly say that coaching has positively impacted our bottom line and will continue to do so as we move forward into our second phase of coaching.”

– James W. Suttie, President and CEO, Selkirk Financial Technologies

“As I transitioned from CEO of Lloyd Sadd Insurance to Executive Chairman of Navacord Inc. …Katie was able to help me establish clear priorities for my new role. This allowed me to elevate my leadership and get out of the weeds…”

– Marshall Sadd, Executive Chairman, Navacord