What are you going to do to finish big this year?

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What are you going to do to finish big this year?

What are you going to do to finish big this year?

Did you know that there are more points scored in the NFL in the final two minutes of each half than the entire rest of the game? Why? Because everyone becomes laser focused on putting the score up on the board, so fewer distractions get in the way.

At this time of year, the distractions can pile up and focus can be lost so easily. Holiday shopping, holiday parties, visiting family. Or simply having the mindset that says “This is a slow time of year…I will wait until January.”

So, you have a choice. Be distracted. Put things off until the new year. Or “Finish Big.”

“Finishing Big” is all about making that final push before year end, and not letting the holiday season slow you down prematurely. It’s about setting yourself up for early success, so that you hit the ground running at the start of 2017.

I was in the car yesterday and an ad for a dentist came on the radio. The message was to book your dentist appointment now before any annual dental allowance in your company health plan might expire at year end. I was struck by how smart and simple this ad was. And how it can help a dentist’s office finish their year big, at a time when my guess is that they naturally slow down.

To avoid the holiday hangover and finish big in 2016, here are 4 strategies:

  • Be crystal clear on what you will do (and won’t do) in the next 4 weeks. This will help limit distractions.
  • Change your mindset. Some businesses naturally slowdown in December. (Think residential real estate. And Dentists.). But instead of “waiting” until January to call clients, reach out now and fill your calendar for early 2017. Who are the top 5 people you want to connect with?
  • What are the two or three areas where you need to do a little bit more? What are two to three ways to do a little bit more in those areas?
  • Use this time of year to build your “bank” with your clients. Give, give, give. Give away what you know, give away what you are good at, give away referrals. Keep asking your clients – how can I help you achieve your goals?

Go for some quick wins. The momentum these wins create will propel your forward.

So, what are you going to do to Finish Big this year?


At Double Black Diamond coaching we focus on 3 things:

  • We coach difference makers. People and organizations determined to create positive results for their clients. For our country. For the planet.  
  • We work with executive/leadership teams to create highly functioning teams who can make that difference.
  • We support these teams in 3 areas: one-on-one leadership development coaching; facilitated team off-sites to develop highly functioning teams; and quarterly strategic planning sessions where the emphasis is on clarity and accountability. This trio of focus helps clients knock it out to the park time and again!   

All my best for the holiday season!