Associate Coach with The Ken Blanchard Companies

Katie Bennett is an associate coach with The Ken Blanchard Companies, one of the global leaders in leadership development through training and coaching.  The Ken Blanchard Companies has relationships with a select number of coaches around the world to help deliver their training and coaching programs to their top caliber clients.

This partnership provides her with exposure to some of the world’s top companies, including a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical where she has coached over 70 leaders over the past three years.

It also provides exposure to on-going coach training and development to ensure she stays at the forefront of coaching learning.

Katie is also familiar with the Situational II leadership model.


Joni Wickline, V.P. Professional Services
Joni Wickline, V.P. Professional Services THE KEN BLANCHARD COMPANIES
“Katie Bennett has worked as an Associate Coach with the Ken Blanchard Companies since 2007. Over the past 3 years, Katie has been working with one of our large multi-national clients that recently went through a massive merger, and the response to her coaching has been excellent, at all levels of the organization. One of our measures of success as a company was if the client asks to extend the coaching – and the majority of Katie’s clients ask for an extension, a testament to the quality of the coaching being delivered.”