Quarterly Strategic Planning

The teams that are engaged in a facilitated annual strategic planning offsite, followed by full-day quarterly planning reviews, are knocking it out of the park in terms of achieving results.

We use the quarterly facilitated meetings to constantly strengthen the trust on the team, and clearly articulate your annual and quarterly priorities.

We use a One Page Strategic Planning approach to ensure both the goals are crystal clear, as well as who is responsible for making the goal happen.

Click here Click here for my Top 10 on how to run effective quarterly off-sites.

Randy MacEwen, President and CEO
Randy MacEwen, President and CEO Ballard Power
“With Katie’s support, we have been able to clarify and achieve executive team alignment around our vision, culture, strategy and China plan. We have been able to advance the company to record performance, including closing major strategic initiatives that required executive buy-in. We have also been able to excite the entire Ballard organization with a clear vision, strategy and unified executive team.

For me personally, the journey with Katie has been powerful. Katie has helped me to question everything – my assumptions, my purpose, my relationships and my business. She has helped me to get very clear on the key underlying issues that I am trying to progress or resolve. She has helped me to understand what is getting in the way of success and being accountable to make the necessary changes.”

Phil Edgell, Former Executive Vice President
Phil Edgell, Former Executive Vice President LONG VIEW SYSTEMS
“The link between coaching of our management team and our growth of both top line and bottom line is direct and measurable.”