Dare to be Great

Double Black Diamond Coaching is
dedicated to developing
great leaders,
great teams and
great careers

Coaching delivers results. Through powerful questions our clients gain the insights they need to know where they want to go. Through built in homework and accountability, our clients then take the action necessary to go where they want to go. The combination of insight, action and accountability delivers results. The process works.


There is much in our name, Double Black Diamond Coaching.

To understand the origin of the name, you must first get to know Katie Bennett.

Katie is second from right in the purple jacket and white hat.

Katie is an avid skier and in fact celebrated her 40th birthday by going heli-skiing – a dream she’d had for many years. It is from her passion for this sport that the name originates. The double black diamond symbol is marked on runs that are for experts only, meaning you have to be gutsy and committed to conquer this terrain.

This metaphor powerfully translates into coaching. Our vision is to work with people who are up to big things – who are determined to raise the bar on what they want for their lives, their careers and their organizations. These are people who are truly passionate and inspired about something, and have the guts and the courage to make it happen.

It also represents the caliber of coaches who work with Double Black Diamond Coaching – coaches who hold the bar very high for their coaching profession and for their clients.

The clients we want to work with are the ones who thrive on being challenged, clients who want to go to their edge and peer over to see what’s possible, and then go for it, clients who dare to be great.