Mary-Jo Dionne – From dream to reality

Mary-Jo Dionne is a Writer, commedian, and entrepreneur


My name is Mary-Jo Dionne. My coaching success story is about the relationship I shared with coach, Katie Bennett. I am an advertising copywriter by trade. However, like many creative people, I have been known to struggle through “blocks” and the debilitating frustration that comes with them. On two occasions in particular, the sessions Katie facilitated with me, did not only  help me break through those blocks, but actually went so far as to push my  life to a whole new level.

Tangibly, what I got from working with Katie were two things:

1) The courage to leave my job, which was the wrong fit for someone who desperately needed to be free to explore her creative potential. I became a freelancer entirely because of the push and guidance I  received from Katie. And my professional life couldn’t be better as a result. Sometimes I think it’s all just a great dream. I am so lucky.

2) As a writer, I had always grappled with the idea of going so far as to scare myself, by writing my own material and trying stand-up comedy, so that I could one day write for Ellen DeGeneres. Katie set me on an accelerated timeline to actually get up on stage, material written, mike in hand. At first, I thought she was nuts to actually believe it could be done as quickly as she challenged me to try it.

My goal a year ago was to have tried it once. Here it is, two years later, and I have been on stage nearly 50 times: in Vancouver, Toronto, and in New York City. And when I sent my portfolio to the show, I received a phone call from the Director of the Ellen DeGeneres Show congratulating me on the quality of my material. WOW!

I can say, hands-down, this is only because of my coach Katie. I have confidence that no matter what block or hiccup may present itself in my life,  I can work with Katie to get any kinks out. I know that challenges will not only be solved, but that I will be elevated to a higher plain than before its solving.

Mary-Jo Dionne
Writer, commedian, entrepreneur