Ed McLaughlin – Coaching Teams to Success

Ed McLaughlin is the CEO of Hollyburn Country Club in West Vancouver


I was referred to Katie Bennett by a friend and business leader. He told me that Katie was a great resource, counsel and sounding board. I report to a Board of Director’s and I was looking for a neutral voice that I could share ideas and strategies with. Katie Bennett was exactly that.

After working with Katie and achieving great results, I wanted my whole team to work with her. Katie delivered. Under Katie’s leadership we realized a stronger sense of “TEAM” and realized our ability and strength working together. I am firm believer in a balanced personal program. When my managers are under control at home, they are at their best at work. Katie worked with our team to set a high bar for both personal and work achievement and I would say unequivocally that we have done our best work under Katie.

Katie is a winner. Totally open. A trusted friend. But no push over. Katie will hold you accountable when you need it most.