How Does it Work?

Personal, One-on-one coaching – One-on-one coaching can take place over the phone or in person. It generally takes place 2- 3 times per month for one hour, to create some momentum behind the process. We don’t ask our clients to commit to a set length of time for an engagement, but clients can expect to give the process anywhere from a few weeks to months, depending on the agenda set out by the client. Change takes time, so we ask our clients to ensure they are committed to giving the process the time it needs. Find out more information about our complimentary session.

Team coaching – this is custom created for each team. We can pull new teams together quickly, or take a team from good to great. We provide a series of workshops (vs. a one-off experience) to create the results the client is looking for, as we find multiple exposures to coaching provide for not only deeper learning but also a stronger sense of commitment and accountability.

Getting Started  All coaching begins with a discovery session designed to educate the client on what to expect from the coaching, and to educate the coach on what results the client is looking for. Once the agenda is set, the client and coach come up with a schedule and time line to create these results.